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Web Devils is a WordPress Development company located here in Atlanta. We work exclusively with WordPress websites.

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What makes WordPress so awesome?

  • Clean Code
  • Easy Administration Area
  • Large Support Community
  • Themes and Design
  • Easy Plug-in API
  • Countless Existing Plug-ins
  • Dynamic Pages and Blog Posts

Just wanted to note that I have tried the other mentioned content management systems. Only in testing them all out was I able to come to those conclusions.

Shameless plug: Web Devils is your source for WordPress Web Development in Atlanta. We are ready to assist you design and develop your WordPress web site. Contact us today.

wordpress web developer atlantaClean Code

The WordPress code, by default, is pretty clean. It can be tweaked even more depending on your needs. Using clean code helps with cross browser functionality, search engine optimization, and any new developers you bring on to your team.

Easy Administration Area

This has not always been a WordPress claim to fame, but the newest admin layout is smart and intuitive. Making changes to any area of your website is now easier than ever while some of the other content management systems out there still have quite a bit of work to do on this topic.

Large Support Community

WordPress is offered up for free under the GPL License which means that anyone can use it. Much of the upkeep done on the code is done by volunteer developers all over the world. There are several right here in Atlanta that have headed up some major overhauls to the WordPress system.

Due to this some of the brightest minds in the industry are working on keeping WordPress safe, scalable, and easy to use 24/7. You heard right ladies and gentlemen, the Web Devils web site is supported by some of the most talented developers on the planet, and your web site could be too.

Themes and Design

Themes are essentially skins for your web site. Using themes you can change the entire look of your website any time that you want, without messing up any of your content that is already there. Typically you would not want to change the design of your web site very often, but someone doing WordPress design work for others can use this to their benefit.


Pretty much any functionality you can think of to use on a website, there is a plug-in. If not, creating one is easy using the built in API.

From contact forms to search engine optimization, you can find plug-ins for anything you need to do.

Dynamic Pages and Blog Posts

Hands down the best part of WordPress is the ability to add new pages or blog posts to your web site at any time. As long as the design work for your theme was done correctly, your newly added pages or posts show up as soon as you hit the ‘publish’ button to put them online.

Just as easy as adding new ones is editing existing pages. Ready to add that new special discount to your home page for the next holiday? Just log in to your web site, edit the home page, and it’s live!

Web Devils WordPress Design and Development

wordpress web developer atlantaSo what are you waiting for? You now have a little more background on our history as well as the benefits of using WordPress as the backbone of your web site.

We appreciate you taking the time to read over this, and hope that you consider us for your Atlanta WordPress Developer team.

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