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9 Steps To Supercharge Your Page Ranking

Recently I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for DIY Themes, aka the team behind the Thesis Theme Framework, aka the platform that Web Devils uses here and works with often for our customers.

You can read the article here: Beginner WordPress SEO (Part 2): 9 Ways to Optimize Blogs for Search Engines

This article draws attention to 9 of the fundamental steps that can be taken to increase your chances of ranking highly in the search engines. All of these methods are tried and true, as well as considered to be white hat SEO methods.

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Is Bing Stealing Google’s Search Results?

Stealing Search Results

Have you heard? Google set up a sting operation to see if Bing was indeed stealing its search results, and sure enough, Google was able to find adequate proof that Bing has been “borrowing” their search results from Google. How were they doing this, you may ask? The New York Times does a good job of boiling it down:

“Google suspected that Microsoft was recording what Internet Explorer users typed into the Google search box and which search result they were clicking—and then using that information to adjust Bing’s results.”

With the blogosphere buzzing about the situation (as they are apt to do about anything related to Google and Microsoft, especially when they’re at odds with each other) the story has garnered enough attention to be featured on the Colbert Report—a show which Bing has been an open and deep-pocketed sponsor, having donated several thousand dollars to relief efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

Google’s Webspam kingpin Matt Cutts has lends thoughtful insight into the whole debate, taking the time to mention his respect for the people at Microsoft, further adding that he doesn’t believe that Bing is not simply reposting Google’s search results. He does show several screenshots where Google’s and Bing’s search results match exactly for nonsensical phrases. To put it simply, Cutts posits that “clicks on Google are being incorporated in Bing’s rankings,” and he wants it to stop.

For its part, Bing has come out with a statement that is mixed in message, not exactly denying that Bing used Google’s search results as part of their formula, while at the same time obliquely accusing Google of “borrowing” some of their own ideas.

What does all this mean?

For most people, it’s difficult to cipher the significance of such an arcane debate between two tech giants. Let’s suffice it to say that if you focus your SEO efforts to rank high on Google, then you have a pretty good chance at ranking in a similar position on Bing. While this may change over time (certainly if Bing is forced to disregard completely search queries fed into Google, as Cutts wants), it does mean that the search engines use similar logic to serve up results.

With Web Devils WordPress SEO tools, you can learn how to configure your own web pages so that they rank highly on Google (and in turn Bing).

Getting Your Website on Search Engines

Getting Your Website On Search Engines 1

If you have been contemplating getting your website on search engines, it is not as hard as you might think. In this post I will give you some easy steps to help you out, as well as explain the difference between optimizing for the search engines and getting indexed by them.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

  • Getting Your Website Indexed On Search Engines
  • Optimizing Your Website For The Search Engines
  • Which Search Engines Should You Be Getting On

Getting Your Website Indexed On Search Engines

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10 Easy SEO Tips

easy SEO tips

Easy SEO Tips

For a SEO panel that I attended, I was asked to give a top 10 list of things to think about when doing search engine optimization. These are my top 10 Easy SEO Tips to get your website ranking.

Before we get started, if you are ready to get your website to page 1 now, check out our highly acclaimed WordPress Search Engine Optimization video course and start ranking on page 1.

Now lets get on to the easy SEO tips. In a relatively particular order, here is my top 10 SEO tips.

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Building Backlinks

Building BacklinksThis article by Darren Rowse of Problogger is a bit old, but the message behind it has not changed. Informative and interesting content is the best way to garner backlinks. Rowse pointedly states that he has not actively participated in link exchanges, buying links (with the exception of small AdWords and BlogAds campaigns), or shilled for links on people’s blogrolls. Granted, link exchanges and appearances on blogrolls do provide a link back to your website, I rarely mine a website’s blogroll for more interesting information. Rowse also speculates that the following post types have garnered the most traffic and backlinks to Problogger:

  1. Scoops/Breaking News
  2. How To Posts
  3. Opinion/Editorials
  4. Group Projects/Guest Bloggers
  5. Humor Posts

Depending on your website’s mission (and all good websites have a clear and stated mission), it may not be possible for you to use all of these post types when writing new content, but try to incorporate as many as you can.

All the News That’s Fit To Print Post

Breaking news posts are great ways to generate backlinks, especially if you have privileged information or unheard insight on the event at hand. More importantly, you may get some good traffic via Google as more and more people search about the news event. Once they hit your website as a result of your news post, try to engage your new visitors by having other interesting articles and posts easy to find. Continue reading

A Great Formula for Blogging

Over the summer, Chris Brogan posted a Simple Blogging Formula on his website, providing some useful guidelines to follow when sitting down to the keyboard to start writing a blog post. His first piece of advice is to write as close to daily as possible—keeping people interested means keeping them engaged on your site. Fresh content is a great way to do this. He then suggests a few questions to ask yourself when writing:

  1. Decide What the Post Should Do for You
  2. How Can I Be Helpful?
  3. The Actual Writing
  4. Review Past Content

Deciding What the Post Should Do for You

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